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Hello, my name is Charles and I am the proud owner of Parks Garage Doors. I was born in Butte, Montana and moved to Billings in 2011. I have 10+ years of hands on experience in the garage doors field. Fishing is my number one hobby, it is life! If I am not at work, then I am on the lake. Playing in local bands is also one of my hobbies that I thoroughly enjoy. My trusty little sidekick is named Mataya, she is my only child (dog). My favorite quote is “That’s what she said.” As you can see, humor is definitely a part of my life and I am a pretty laid back kind of guy….single, cute, and available 😉
I started this company in June 2019 and have been expanding it ever since. My goal is to be the number one garage doors company in Billings and the surrounding areas for garage door services and installs. I take great pride in my business and am excited about how far we have come in just one year, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Parks Garage Doors!



Hello, my name is Derick. I have been employed with Parks Garage doors since February 2020. I was born in Sidney, Montana and moved to Virginia until the year 2000 when my family and I moved back to Montana and settled into Billings. I spent most of my youth playing sports and living life on the edge, I was always and still am to this day an adrenaline junkie. I had some struggles throughout high school and decided to attend the Montana Youth Challenge Program and acquired my GED there.
I now have two great kids (Rylie and Sylis) and a beautiful wife named Taylor. We enjoy swimming, camping, fishing, and playing with my very fast toys (4 wheeler and dirtbike). Parks Garage Doors has grown tremendously in the time that I have been working here. I really love my job and I continue to grow with the company each and every day. I plan to keep working hard and am excited for what my future holds here at Parks Garage Doors.



My name is Kalby and I have been working at Parks Garage Doors since the start of the company in 2019. I have been installing and maintaining garage doors for 2 years total. Before becoming a garage door installer/technician, I worked in restaurants mostly. My job here is never boring, there is always something to do and I learn new skills daily. I really enjoy the hands-on approach of this type of work, it keeps me busy! A lot of people describe me as an adrenaline junkie but I am a pretty laid back kind of guy who works hard every day. I lead a simple life and in my spare time I like to relax with Chumlee, my pug sidekick.



Hello, my name is Megan. I am married to my soulmate and have three beautiful children. Montana is still very new for me, my family and I moved here to Billings in March 2020. I grew up in the very small town of Taft, California. It has a quaint “hometown” feel where everybody knows everybody, so Billings is like a huge city to me.
I couldn’t be any happier being here in this gorgeous state! I started working as the administrative office assistant for Parks Garage Doors in May 2020, just a few months after I made the huge move to Montana. Art is my newfound passion; I love to spend my free time creating paintings, resin art, charcoal portraits, and alcohol ink art on stones. My children are my reason for breathing, they are my world. I am a laid back person who loves to enjoy nature and life in general. I am also a very spiritual individual who believes in karma to the fullest, what goes around comes around. Hiking and metal detecting are also some hobbies I enjoy. I continue to learn new skills each and every day working at Parks Garage Doors. I love my job and am very thankful for the opportunity to work here!